Reliable road freight is what we do day-in day-out. When it comes to international carriage we feel at home in all European Union states and regularly visit Norway, Russia and Turkey. Fast and efficient domestic forwarding are our hallmarks in Poland.

We provide our customers with a modern fleet of EURO5 and EURO6 emission class vehicles, mostly comprising tractors with MEGA semi-trailers as well as increased volume sets. In meeting the expectations of our customers, we are consistently adding to our fleet BDE type semi-trailers, semi-trailers with coil transport wells and refrigerated units.

The leading European home appliance manufacturers, automotive companies as well as companies operating in the metallurgy sector are among our key customers. High-quality standards, punctuality and flexibility are our daily bread.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on any one particular service.

We service the following international transport routes

Our warehouse is located in central Łódź. That is where we store, label, sort and pack our customers’ goods. That is also the hub for our domestic forwarding, on the basis of the Pall-Ex network. We are its regional partner, responsible for distribution and collections across the western parts of the province.

Apart from the major logistics warehouse in Łódź, we also use handling points across Europe. In Poland, we provide distribution as well as just-in-time delivery services. We service our customers’ warehouses spread around Poland, we also provide site-based transport within the customers’ facilities.

Depending on the particular requirements, our customers are able to take advantage of extended warehousing space, ramp or ground level loading, handling of non-standard pallets and distribution services. We are also able to provide a factory buffer warehouse. We hold approvals for storage of fodder additives.

We are always open to new challenges, and we always prepare personalized quotes for our customers – please get in touch for more details.

A permanent Italy – Poland general cargo service means we are able to guarantee continuity and punctuality of general cargo deliveries on this route.

We collect palletised consignments from our customers and their suppliers in Italy on a daily basis. All consignments are then transported to a hub in North Italy and that is where we collect them on a regular basis and deliver to our central warehouse in Poland. And from here, based on the Pall-Ex network (we are its Łódzkie Province regional partner), we distribute the consignments to the end recipients in Poland.

If required, we also collect partial loads which cannot be re-loaded (e.g. machinery) or are not palletised. We will be more than happy to provide you with further details within this scope.

  • Italy – Poland
  • Poland – Italy
  • France – Poland
  • Poland – France
  • Germany – Poland
  • Poland – Germany
  • Italy – Germany
  • Germany – Italy
  • The Czech Republic – Poland
  • Poland – The Czech Republic
  • The Netherlands – Poland
  • Poland – The Netherlands
  • Belgium – Poland
  • Poland – Belgium


Futura Cargo is a Regional Pall-Ex Network Member – one of the biggest and fastest growing distribution networks for palletised consignments in Europe. Pall-Ex was established in 1996 in the UK by Hilary Devey and today it spans Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, Romania, Bulgaria and recently also Poland. In cooperation with 400 Regional members, approx. 4 million pallets per annum are transported within the scope of the Pall-Ex network.

Our vision coincides with that of the Pall-Ex Group – to become the leading distribution network in Europe. To satisfy the requirements of our customers we predominately focus on service quality and flexibility. Commitment by the entire team, state of the art IT solutions and innovation makes us stand out from the rest of the distribution market crowd.

We deliver palletised consignments within the scope of the Pall-Ex network to every part of Poland. We are also able to deliver consignments to every country where Pall-Ex has a presence. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or questions pertaining to our services or otherwise.


The quality of services is absolute priority for us. We emphasize the need to make both our clients and employees are satisfied with the cooperation with Futura Cargo. We base the highest level of service on these two mainstays what is confirmed by numerous awards granted to us.

We realize how important in our industry is communication. Therefore, our team consists of skilled workers who fully understand both the specifics of the business and the needs of the clients. We raise our qualifications and develop constantly, so that we are competitive on international markets – especially in Italy. We can proudly report 99% efficiency in implementation of our services. We do our best to serve our clients in their native languages. Contacting us, you can be sure that you are in the right hands.

Responsibility, reliability and punctuality – are the three core values that guide us in Futura Cargo. It is their combination that makes us to work with satisfied clients from all over Europe. On the basis of years of experience we constantly improve the tools and procedures we use, what is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate, obtained year by year. In recent years we have completely upgraded our IT systems, implementing – after over one year evaluation period – two versions of modern IT solutions. We invest in technological development because we are fully aware of how rapidly the market and its requirements are changing. Choosing us you choose professionalism and reliability.

Certificate of Reliability

/28 February 2017/

Futura Cargo has once again been awarded a „Reliable Company” certificate issued by the National Debt Register to entities fulfilling in a timely obligations towards contractors.

You can see certificate here.


The best teams are those which consist of specialists with individual experiences. In Futura Cargo we work together but each of us is a specialist in a different field. The combined forces allow us to move smoothly in each branch of the logistics industry, from planning through production and storage to the management of international transport. We are represented by experts who come from big corporations and small logistics companies. Thanks to such diversity we create a perfect team.

Futura Cargo is the ideal place to pursue a career as well as put the first professional steps. We have always stressed how important it is for us to look into the future by training the new personnel.

We are opened to all graduates ready to try their hands in professional environment and verify their knowledge in practice. The dynamism of our relatively small and compact team is a good environment to learn the rules of professional relationships with business partners, free of redundant bureaucracy. We are ready to share knowledge, promote the personal development  and strive to ensure that graduates can quickly become experts in their fields.

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Long term relationships with both customers as well as service providers are of utmost importance to Futura Cargo. We are able to guarantee a stable stream of jobs, per kilometre rates and a guaranteed monthly mileage clocked across the entire European Union or lump sum settlements for local forwarding (within Poland) to transport companies interested in providing us with vehicles. All terms of cooperation are determined with each partner on an individual basis. We are on the lookout for EURO6 or EURO5 exhaust emission class vehicles. In international forwarding, we predominantly use tractors with mega XL semi-trailers as well as 120 m3 and 22,000 kg tonnage large volume sets. In domestic transport we are interested in tractors with mega semi-trailers and lorries with a minimum tonnage of 7,000 kg and a tail lift. Please complete the form for more details:

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Futura Cargo Sp. z o.o.

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